Our Concept

Something distinctive...

The Fiction Syndicate makes fictional entertainment that is bold and experimental - for classic broadcast TV networks as well as pay TV channels and streaming platforms.

To reach a new level of quality, we work with talented young writers and directors from creative fields outside the traditional TV industry.

Our aim is to break new ground, forge new perspectives and give stories never told before a space to unfold. We present storylines that surprise and captivate, with characters that are authentic and unique - with a new production methodology that combines creativity, quality and budget awareness.

Our target groups

In joyful anticipation

Netflix, Amazon Prime and company have turned the world of fictional entertainment upside down. Viewers today have access to an abundance of high-quality and diverse productions from all over the world. This changes viewer tastes and increases expectations.

Our emotionally charged stories strike the right note in the most diverse target groups, those looking forward to passionate and inspiring entertainment - in Germany and abroad.

Our Markets

In demand worldwide

Global markets are now more open than ever to high quality fiction productions – regardless of provenance. So far, the USA, Great Britain and Scandinavia have set the tone with series that captivate audiences in both domestic and international markets. We’re determined to change that. With extraordinary productions, we want to set standards not only on the German market, but also internationally.

Our production methodology

Uncompromisingly efficient

Does riveting fictional entertainment need big budgets? That depends on the idea, the concept and the production methodology. At The Fiction Syndicate we have experience in using budgets of any size as efficiently as possible. With our work ethos, will and the commitment of a start-up, we can get productions off the ground quickly and without compromise.

Our team

Drive and ability

As a small and committed team, we can act quickly and flexibly - and create a high output with maximum efficiency. We work together with young and talented writers, actors and production crews in order to keep generating new creative impulses – while two experienced TV professionals point the way.

Our future

The next generation

Our success is based on the ability to discover new talent, anticipate the audience's wishes - and implement innovative concepts with a high degree of efficiency. This has resulted in a completely new creative production methodology. We want to pass this knowledge on to young, aspiring writers and directors. In our own TFS Academy, they learn to be creative and innovative - and at the same time keep an eye on audience tastes, new technologies and production methods. Concurrently, we are also drawing on our own young talent to produce high-quality fictional entertainment for the dynamic TV and streaming markets of the future.


TFS - The Fiction Syndicate
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